Klamath River

The beautiful Klamath River offers year round fishing. Every year, salmon start their life ending journey swimming from the Pacific Ocean to their spawning grounds in August, ending in November. Winter steelhead usually follow the salmon, starting in November running through January. A spring run of steelhead start arriving in February and run until June.

Resident rainbow trout are caught throughout the Klamath River system all year long, especially during the salmonfly hatch.

Drift Boat Trips - 1 to 3 persons

$250 for single

$375 for two

$550 for 3

Groups of 4 or more call 530 905 0758 for details

Gear - All methods from Bait to Fly Fishing - Bait & Tackle, Lunch ALL INCLUDED!!!

Comfortable 17 ft. Willie drift boat with heater-

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